Admirable Qualities of President Abdi M. Omar


4th. September. 2016. Hafsa Mohamed and Ethiopian Somali Regional President, Abdi M. Omar, meeting in main office of President Abdi M. Omar.

I recently was honored and lucky enough to meet with the Ethiopian Somali Regional President, H.E. Abdi M. Omar. Our meeting was memorable, pleasant and I was (and still am) overwhelmed and elated. Without writing about just my conversation with President Abdi M. Omar, I want to elaborate on his exceptional qualities.

Admirable Qualities of President Abdi M. Omar

  • Empathetic
    • President Abdi M. Omar genuinely cares and will persistently work to uplift you.


  • Generous
    • The concept of giving or charity has several meanings. President Abdi M. Omar, upon meeting with him, will give you something – whether it is encouragement, support, advice, connection, etc. Whatever it may be, you will leave President Abdi M. Omar’s presence thinking of how one can be a better citizen and community serviceperson.


  • Strong and Confident Decision Maker
    • If there is a pressing task or decision that needs to be handled, most people weigh out options and are not confident with the next actions. President Abdi M. Omar understands and practices that in order to be a powerful and compassionate leader, no time must be wasted. Decision need to be made in a timely manner and so long as the intention is to develop and empower the community, every decision/conclusion is a correct one.


  • Brilliant
    • If you ask or discuss almost any subject with President Abdi M. Omar, he will provide you with an insight of knowledge on that issue and teach you something new. During my meeting with the Ethiopian Somali Regional State President, I learnt a few unforgettable things about agro-pastoralists, world water resources’, gender empowerment in developing nations, etc.


  • Down-to-Earth
    • Believe it or not – during my meeting with President Abdi M. Omar, I felt like I was speaking to a long-term friend who understood my ambitions and concerns. I say this because President Abdi M. Omar actively listened and gave me the feedback only a real loved one would give — someone who wants the very best for me, someone who truly cares for my wellbeing.


  • Integrity
    • Honesty is crucial to leadership. President Abdi M. Omar will, to say the least, keep it real with you. He will let you know the truth and is very open-minded. If you have an inquiry or are curious about something, understand that President Abdi M. Omar is perhaps the most coherent and factual leader you will meet in the [Horn of] Africa.


  • Authenticity
    • The Ethiopian Somali Regional State has experienced the leadership of several men but, in all honesty, none were as dedicated, truthful, pro-people and pro-Ethiopian unity, security-minded, socio-economic transformation active, gender-inclusive, development-oriented, etc. I could go on and on. President Abdi M. Omar is the most unique and passionate president the Somali Region has ever had; I am also positive he will be the only one of his kind.


  • Encouraging
    • As human beings, we all need moral support and kind words to continue facing challenges. The world, sometimes, is an unkind place. But when someone, especially of great significance, tells you that they have confidence in your work, ethics and believe in you as much as you believe in yourself, you become re-energized to do more for your community and yourself. President Abdi M. Omar gave me encouragement, enough to last a lifetime and enough to make me want to do better for my region, country, community, president, family and myself.




By: Hafsa Mohamed


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