“Transforming the Health Sector of our Region is a Shared Responsibility.” – ESRS RHB Head, Hassan Ismael


ESRS RHB Head Hassan Ismael and  Federal State Health Minister Dr. Amir Aman

The health sector, in every Ethiopian region, is going under daily transformations and advancements to better service communities in both rural and urban areas. In the Somali Region, the Regional Health Bureau and administration has put great focus and priority on including all citizens of the region in the health expansion and betterment movement. Bureau Head Hassan Ismael, led an enlightening two-day region-wide health seminar, held panel discussions, unique engaging activities, accountability sessions, etc. to further strategize efficient methods-of-action in ensuring health sector success. This informative and high level conference was attended by zonal and district-level officials, doctors, medical professionals, academics, diaspora members, donors and students. During the various activities of this seminar, overt suggestions and promises were made and one main conclusion was reached: everyone will work together and do their part in achieving the objectives of Health Sector Transformation Plan (HSTP) in the coming years.

In my opinion, Bureau Head Hassan Ismael understands the complexities and potential of the health sector in the Somali Region; he specialized in public health, worked with several international NGOs, researched and published on unique approaches to community health improvement, etc. As well, Bureau Hassan Ismael is determined to de-stigmatize HIV/AIDs, family planning, women’s reproductive health and also create massive social mobilization/awareness throughout the Somali Region. This is only the beginning. Collectively, we can expand health services, construct hospitals or clinics in far towns, empower men and women living with stigmatized illnesses, train or capacitate health experts, and essentially become a health literate regional community. The ultimate aim is a plan “…towards quality and equity in health service, ‘woreda transformation’, a movement towards compassionate, respectful and caring health professionals and information revolution.”

Overall, it is commendable and admirable how Bureau Head Hassan Ismael is dedicated and persistent in actively working towards a healthier and stronger Somali Region.




RHB Head Hassan Ismael Signs a *I Promise* form, to public display administration-level commitment.




“In order to succeed in the Health Sector Transformation Plan (HSTP), we all must be active role participants — from mother to zonal governor to doctor to student.” — RHB Head Hassan Ismael


By: Hafsa Mohamed


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